Our history...

The beginning of our transport business dates back to 1993. At first it was a car rental. With increasing demand, the company Zemda was founded, which had already owned vehicles. From the beginning we specialized only in tipping trucks and trailers for the transport of loose bulk cargo, mainly throughout the Czech republic. With the increase in orders, the company began to specialize also in transfer abroad using tarpaulin-covered trucks and tipping trailers. The company grew both administratively and gradually modernized and expanded the fleet.

To be able to fully meet the demand of our customers, we founded the second company with a new name TRANS-SPEDIT s.r.o., whose volume of orders is still increasing. Since the establishing of our company we focus on customer satisfaction, mainly through the reliability of vehicles, as well as thanks to our professional drivers. We keep on modernizing our fleet in order to achieve the maximum reliability of the transportation we provide.

The present

Currently we provide transport for both domestic and foreign clients and we are able to realize transportation throughout Europe. If required, we provide contractual freight outside the EU for our customers. The average age of our vehicles is 2 years. All vehicles are equipped with monitoring systems. On-line monitoring and communication between drivers and dispatchers is a matter of course.

The future

Our aim is to continue to maintain the company's reputation, give the best possible service to our clients and to expand the number of satisfied customers. Therefore, we intend to maximally utilize the most modern means.

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